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Art Installation Guide

Art Installation Guide

Ready to hang a beautiful piece of artwork from our collection?  Here are some tips and tricks to make it quick and easy!


Your artwork should arrive ready to hang, allowing you to simply select a location, hammer a nail in the wall, and and hang using the wire, D-ring, or sawtooth hardware already installed on the piece.

  • When deciding on which wall to hang your art, consider where your eyes rest when you walk into the room including the foyer, living room, and bedroom.  
  • For a single piece of artwork, hang at eye level and 60 inches from the center of the piece to the floor. Art pieces hung over furniture (sofa, bed or console) should ideally be ⅔ the width of the furniture and mounted 4-6 inches above the furniture piece.
  • Direct sunlight can degrade artwork, so avoid hanging pieces near windows and direct sunlight.
  • Use mounting putty or 3M Command Strip Picture Hanging velcro under the bottom corners of the frame where they touch the wall to keep the artwork level and in place on the wall.
  • For heavy and large artworks, use 2 screws attached to the wall with drywall anchors. Picture hooks and nails can also be used for lighter works. Some options for picture hooks are 3M Claw hardware, PicGenie123, or Ooks which are available at most home improvement stores.  If using a picture hook nail, be sure to hammer the picture hook nail at a downward angle.  
  • Avoid testing the advertised weight limits of screws with anchors or picture hooks, use 2 when necessary. 
  • If you are renting your art, please be sure to keep all original packaging that the art arrived in for simple returns and exchanges. 
  • Upon receipt of the artwork, customers should inspect the item and contact within the first 2 calendar days from the date of delivery (as recorded by the delivery service) to report any damages or other issues with the artwork as it was received. The support team will review and address your email as soon as it is received.  
  • If you damage or lose your artwork during rental, it is your responsibility to cover the entire damage. Please contact our team at for further assistance. 
  • Please refer to our FAQs or email for any additional questions. 


Fall in love with your new original artwork from Gallory!


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